Titan Metal Powders supplies the finest minor and specialty metal powders the world has to offer. We have the flexibility to service our customers in various capacities, whether as a manufacturer, where our experts identify and direct the facility that will perform to meet your requirements, or as a master distributor or a sales agency. With an ability to custom manufacture our metal powders to meet exacting and often nontraditional product specifications, Titan Metal Powders is recognized for its exceptionally high level of quality, consistency and dependability. We supply powders that use the most up-to-date processing methods, whether to produce a full range of micron sizes or to produce other physical forms, all of which can be engineered for your application.
Titan Metal Powders supplies all forms of metal powders, and with a full range of micron sizes. We supply many other physical forms as well. Titan Metal Powders can supply you with the right product for your specification.
TMP offers our customers and strategic partners an unmatched range of manufacturing and processing capabilities and technical services. We import from 5 continents to be able to bring you the best products at the best price.
One means by which TMP distinguishes itself from other producers and suppliers is through our ability to customize product to meet your specific needs. We are confident that our performance will exceed your expectations.
Titan International is an authorized distributor of Metal Powders by GE